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ingarden was founded by a passionate duo whose goal is to make people’s lives healthier through accessible, high-impact nutrition. ingarden’s roots stem from the minds of our co-founders, Natalie and Lia, both of whom have a background in nutritional science, health, and wellness. They saw a need for nutrition to not only be accessible in our busy lives, but also sustainable, sophisticated, and on the forefront of our technological landscape. Their top priority was to create an environmentally-friendly, easy-to-use product that adds fresh, nutritious microgreens to our daily lives—without any pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs.

After two years of extensive research, nutritional analyses, test runs, and design development, the first ingarden device was created. Crafted to harness nature’s processes using only high-quality, sustainable materials, ingarden grows the freshest, most nutritious microgreens for you to enjoy at home. ingarden is built for the future of food.

Questions? Reach out to Alexandra, our Director of Public Relations and Communications at press@ingarden.co

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Natalie has a background in nutritional biochemistry and is currently pursuing a MS in food science. Growing up in New Zealand, she was inspired by her Māori upbringing to explore thesee more


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Lia is on a mission to help people understand and tap into the power they have to impact their own health. Like Natalie, she also has a background in nutritional science.see more

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PR & communications

A lover of plants, animals, and people, Alexandra has always been passionate about driving positive global change at the crossroads of sustainability and technology through creativesee more


ingarden has joined forces with ShareTheMeal, part of the United Nations World Food Programme, to fight against hunger and towards accessible nutrition. For every ingarden sold, we will share a nutritious meal with a child in need. ingarden purchases not only directly make a change in your own nutritional practice, but also make a difference for others on a regional, national, and global level. Join us in the fight to end global hunger and to shape the future of food as we work towards a more nutritionally-accessible and sustainable world. Access our ShareTheMeal #BackToSchool fundraising challenge here.

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Global food security and sustainability is at the core of ingarden. That’s why every ingarden is built to last, using high-quality, sustainable materials. ingarden’s hydroponic technology allows for soil-free growing from home 365 days a year—an important step towards our future food security.

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