What are Microgreens?

What are Microgreens?

microgreens – in a nutshell

“Microgreens” is a generic term for the tiny plants that grow from sprouts. The microgreen is the stage between the sprout and the plant. If a seed is soaked in water, it absorbs it and bursts its shell, activating enzymes and breaking down nutrients. After just a few days, sprouts start to develop. As they continue growing, they develop into microgreens. Little cotyledons start growing around day five, which are then harvested around seven. Your microgreens are now ready to eat!

microgreens – tiny powerhouses

Microgreens have tiny leaves that are full of nutrients, flavor, and vitamins. They have the highest concentration of nutrients per calorie, and the vitamin content of some microgreen species is up to 260x higher than that of the adult plant. They also can help with weight loss, as the bitter compounds in microgreens cause a faster feeling of satiety, better digestion, higher nutrient absorption, and stimulate fat burning. A major perk is that some legume microgreens are extremely rich in vegetable protein. They all have their own unique nutrient profiles that will benefit your healthy diet, and they are tons of fun to experiment with and add to your recipes!

Some are rather sweet, some are nutty, while others are a bit spicy. you can add them to your sandwiches, dishes, and quick bites to enhance both texture and flavor. we’re excited to help you get crafty in the kitchen and find your favorite! Check out our selection here