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where should I place ingarden?

The ingarden system works anywhere indoors, but performs best in shady places at room temperature. We calibrated the device to work best under controlled conditions which may not be present if you expose the device to direct sunlight. Placing your ingarden outside or in the sunlight may interfere with the growing environment ingarden provides. For example, direct sunlight may result in faster water evaporation and uneven microgreen growth.

what are the product dimensions?

The size of the ingarden is:

  • 15.35” (39 cm) length
  • 7.88” (20 cm) height
  • 5.9” (15 cm) width
  • 6.6 lbs (3.0 kg) of weight

do I have to assemble the device first?

ingarden requires minimal set up. It’s ready to use the moment your package arrives – simply place your ceramic bowl on the frame and put the growing beds, the wick holder, and the tray holder on top. Finally, place your ingarden pads on the growing beds and add water!

does the device use batteries?

No, ingarden does not use any batteries.

how do I clean the device?

ingarden is very simple to clean because it is dishwasher-safe. After your harvest, simply disassemble the device in three steps by removing the growing beds, the wick holder, and the tray holder. Next, place everything, minus the frame, into the dishwasher. You can then easily re-assemble your ingarden by returning the pieces to their places within the frame.

how often should I clean the device?

Cleaning the device once a month assures great microgreen quality and ensures that you won’t run into the risk of unwanted odor.

is the device certified?

Yes, ingarden is UL and CE certified. Your safety is our highest priority.

how much energy does the device consume?

We use energy-efficient LED lights to provide the microgreens with the lighting they need for optimal growth.

are the lights on all the time?

No! Similarly to humans, plants need rest to grow and manage their nutritional compositions. In nature, this process occurs at night since no sunlight stimulates photosynthesis, which is the plants’ natural growth mechanism. The lack of stimuli enables growing processes to happen. Therefore, after studying the growth and biochemical processes of microgreens, we calibrated ingarden to facilitate the optimal balance between photosynthesis and rest. This translates into 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.

how does the LED light system work?

We use energy-efficient LED lights to provide the microgreens with the lighting they need for optimal growth. Our LED system emits all light wavelengths which helps to boost the photosynthesis process and ensure the microgreens receive a perfectly balanced spectrum of light. This is what enables your greens to grow into tiny superfoods! Phytochemicals and phytonutrients are activated by our grow lights, which are found in fresh microgreens and are important for protective and preventive healthcare. Unlike most health supplements and store-bought multivitamins, fresh greens contain these majorly beneficial health compounds. The automated timer is set for optimal growth of 12 hours of daylight and darkness so that your greens enjoy a natural growth pattern. ingarden’s optimized lighting modules achieve industry-leading energy efficiency scores.

can I adjust the lighting intensity?

Yes! The lighting intensity is adjustable. We recommend using the brightest light setting for the most optimal microgreen growth, but your microgreens will grow regardless of the strength of the light. The LED system emits all light wavelengths which helps to boost the photosynthesis process and ensure the microgreens receive a perfectly balanced spectrum of light while also being highly energy efficient. This is what enables your greens to grow into tiny superfoods!

how does the autonomous watering system work?

No, it is not possible to drown your plants! Our innovative watering system provides your seeds with the perfect amount of hydration so you never have to worry about watering.

can I use the device with other seed pads or only yours?

Our seed pads are custom-made for ingarden and designed for optimal water absorption to guarantee growth. Other seed pads will neither fit nor work as effectively.

is the device eco-friendly?

Yes, our product is eco-friendly and was developed with sustainable innovation at its core. We are deeply committed to making a positive impact on the world through accessible nutrition, reducing the use of single-use plastics, and providing our customers with a way to take control of their health while reducing their carbon footprint. Check out our sustainability page to learn more!

what do I do if something needs to be repaired?

Send us an email at and we will address your needs!

will ingarden help me reduce my carbon footprint?

Yes, and our company goal is to be carbon neutral by 2022!

what time frame should I set the timer to?

We recommend synchronizing your ingarden with your own personal sleep cycle. Simply start your ingarden light cycle when you wake up and then it will automatically shut off 12 hours later when you go to sleep.

how and when do I replace my ingarden pads? what do I do with the old pads?

Once your growing cycle is complete and you have harvested all of your microgreens, you can replace your ingarden pads. Simply compost your used ingarden pads, place new pads on your growing beds and refill with water.

is the device certified?

Yes, ingarden is UL and CE certified. Your safety is our highest priority.

how often do I replace the wicks?

Wicks only need to be replaced every 3 months. For general cleaning and care, just wash them in the dishwasher with the rest of your ingarden or by hand.

+ monthly eco pack plan

can I cancel at any time?

Yes, always!

how often will I receive ingarden pads?

You will receive your 7 ingarden pads delivered to your mailbox every month. Always free shipping!

how does the ingarden eco pack plan work?

On our “Shop” page, you can select the eco pack plan that suits you best. Our monthly plans are delivered to your doorstep each month with no shipping fees. With your shipment, you will receive your eco pack with your ingarden pads inside. Keep them in a cool, dry place before use. We will send you enough seed pads to last until your next delivery so that you can always grow and enjoy fresh microgreens at home. You can change or update your plan at any time!

how can I change my ingarden eco pack plan?

Head to the “My Plans” section of your account and press the “View” button to access details of your plan. Next, click the “Adjust” button and be redirected to the “Shop” page. Simply select the plan that suits you best and confirm in two steps by following the checkout process. This will update your plan.

can I order more than one eco pack per month?

Yes, you can order more than one eco-pack per month as well as different types of eco packs. See our eco pack options here!

how many microgreens do you grow from one eco pack?

One eco pack contains 1000+ microgreens.

is there a one-time order option?

Yes, you chose to make a one time order or to select monthly subscription plan.

how long does one eco pack last?

One eco pack lasts one month. This is enough for two growing cycles of microgreens, which use 3 ingarden pads per cycle. Each eco pack includes 7 ingarden pads, so you will have more than enough for your personal growing timeline. Depending on growth time and how many pads you use simultaneously, how long your eco pack lasts can vary a little. To ensure that you always have enough seed pads we recommend a monthly subscription. Find out more about subscription plans here.

+ shipping

do you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping for both your ingarden and eco packs.

which countries do you ship to?

We are currently shipping to the United States (excl Hawaii).

how long does the shipping take?

On average, shipping takes 3 to 5 days. Shipping time may vary depending on your location.

how can I find our about the status of my order?

You will recieve your tracking information via email once your ingarden is shipped out. You may also access your order status from your account page.

+ microgreens

what are microgreens?

Microgreens are the tiny plants that grow when seeds first sprout. They are miniature versions of your favorite herbs and vegetables that are picked at their peak nutrient-density. Packed with more nutrition and all of the deliciousness. They are superfoods you can grow in your own kitchen and are ready to serve in one week. Our hydroponic microgreens are certified organic and vegan, and they avoid all GMOs, pesticides, and plastic waste found in store-bought greens.

are all your microgreens organic and GMO-free?

Yes, 100%. they are organic and free from pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs. All of our professional-grade microgreens are sourced strictly from trusted sources and have a guaranteed 90% sprouting rate.

can I use fertilizer to make them grow faster?

No. Our microgreen seeds do not need any fertilizer or any other compound to grow. Just add water and watch them sprout.

do I need to add soil?

No. Our microgreen seeds are fully equipped with all of the necessary minerals and compounds they need to grow. There is no need for soil. Just add water and you will see your microgreens sprout in no time!

what are the health benefits of eating microgreens?

Microgreens have tiny leaves that are full of nutrients, flavor, and vitamins. They have the highest concentration of nutrients per calorie. It has even been found that the vitamin content of some microgreen species is up to 260x higher than that of the adult plant. Microgreens can also help with weight loss, as the bitter compounds in microgreens cause a faster feeling of satiety, better digestion, higher nutrient absorption, and stimulate fat burning. A major perk is that some legume microgreens are extremely rich in vegetable protein. They all have their own unique nutrient profiles that will benefit your healthy diet.

where can I find recipe ideas?

Check out the blog section of our website or follow us on social media for recipe ideas. We would also love to see how you get creative with your fresh microgreens (and maybe we’ll give you a feature). We love experimenting!

should I use fertilizer to make them grow faster?

No. Our microgreen seeds do not need any fertilizer or any other compound to grow. Just add water!

are all your microgreen seeds organic and GMO-free?

Yes, 100%. See “where do the seeds come from?” for more information.

are microgreens toxic to pets?

No, microgreens are not toxic. Both dogs and cats can safely eat microgreens. They can even help with the animal’s digestion and will provide them with vital nutrients!

are these white hairs mold?

Seeing white hairs on your microgreens? Worry not. This is completely natural and is not mold. These hairs are actually indicators of a healthy root system! For more information, check out this resource

can children eat microgreens?

Yes, children can safely eat microgreens. They provides vital nutrients for kids.

can I mix seed pads in my ingarden?

Yes! You can use up to 3 types of seed pads with your ingarden. They can be the same type of seed or different.

could I also grow flowers or other plants with my ingarden?

No, ingarden is optimized for growing microgreens.

do I need to wash the microgreens before eating?

Yes, it is recommended to rinse your microgreens before consumption or storage.

how do I harvest my microgreens?

Clip your microgreens at the base around 2 inches high with clean scissors.

do microgreens attract insects?

No, ingarden microgreens do not attract insects.

how do I store the microgreens after harvesting them?

You can store your microgreens in sealed bags or other sealed containers. Before storing, rinse your microgreens thorougly and pat them dry. This is important to avoid mold growth.

is it possible that mold will deveop?

There is a low possibility mold could develop. It is important to always tend to your ingarden with clean hands to avoid possible contamination. Additionally, there is a chance particles in the air could cause mold growth.

what type of water should I use for my ingarden?

Tap water is perfect for ingarden unless your tap water contains large amounts of chloramine used to purify it. You may also use distilled water.

when can I harvest the microgreens?

Microgreens can generally be harvested in one week. The timing may vary slightly based on the different types of microgreens.

where do the seeds come from?

Our seeds come from the region of Emilia Romagna of Italy as well as the Netherlands, strictly from trusted and certified organic growers. This means our seeds are confirmed organic by accredited authorities who check that no artificial fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides are used. Every batch of seeds is tested by laboratories for their microbiological suitability according to HACCP standards. All seed batches are tested for germination rates guaranteed at 90%, as well as for their look and integrity. The seeds are only handled by certified organic manufacturers who avoid cross contamination and maintain the highest standards of hygiene. The seeds are free from pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs.

which parts of the microgreens are edible?

The stems and leaves are edible. Just cut them with scissors at their base!

can I turn the light off? If so, for how long?

Turning off the light does not directly harm the health of your greens (under the assumption that normal room light is present), but it could impact the yield of your batch negatively. We recommend following our programmed lighting schedule for your best growing success.

how long can I leave the ingarden unattended?

It is best practice to leave ingarden to grow for 7 days. After day 7, we recommend harvesting your microgreens within 3-5 days. Once you have harvested, simply refill your ingarden with water and add new ingarden pads.

+ contact

how can I contact you?

We’re here to answer your questions. Please write to us at and we will be in touch shortly. You can also reach us via mail at ingarden Inc., 8 The Green Suite, # 11296, Dover, DE 19901, United States.

can I contact you via Social Media?

You can follow us on our social media accounts linked below. If you have questions or concerns about the product itself, it is best to send us an email at

+ returns and warranty

is ingarden equipped with a warranty?

Yes! Your ingarden is equipped with a 2-year warranty.

who do I contact in case of a return request?

To return an item to us, you should contact us via Our support team will provide you with shipping information and additional details where necessary. Please visit our T&C page for further information.

do you offer a money-back-guarantee?

We offer a 14-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your ingarden, you may return it to us for a refund. Please visit our T&C page for further information.

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