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grow 1000+ fresh microgreens with ingarden each week

  • Self-sustaining & guaranteed to sprout.
  • Hassle-free indoor smart garden technology designed in Sweden
  • Autonomous watering system and automated daylight
  • Automated & hydroponic. No soil – just add water once
  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • No GMOs, no herbicides, no pesticides, and no plastic waste

the process

  1. Place ingarden in your desired location – it doesn’t require any natural sunlight, so you can get creative!
  2. Pour standard tap water over ingarden pads.
  3. Plug in your ingarden.
  4. Press the “Timer” button and let there be light! The magic will happen over the course of about 7 days.
  5. Enjoy. Your 1000+ crunchy fresh microgreens – it’s harvest time!

No worries about the sun, the water or the changing seasons – ingarden is the answer to gardening effortlessly year-round. Simple never tasted so good.

feature ceramic bowl no plastic
feature no soil no dirt
feature efficient power supply and grow light
feature water bank
feature automated daylight with dimmer and off-timer
feature autonomous watering

patent pending innovation

autonomous watering system
ingarden was built to harness nature’s sophistication and awe-inspiring powers indoors. Specifically, our team of researchers and scientists have developed a patent-pending technology that provides the optimum hydroponic growing conditions by mimicking and facilitating nature’s physiological process of transpiration pull.

what is transpiration pull?
Transpiration pull is a natural process that occurs in plants where water defies the force of gravity and is pulled up through the plant due to pressure differences caused by evaporation. It is a vital part of delivering water from the roots to the leaves of the plants. This process facilitates photosynthesis.

patented hydroponic system certified

how it works

  • the technology. Our unique technology combines a wicking structure with an expertly-crafted ventilation system to induce a successful natural growing process. This structure accelerates microgreen growth.
  • the ventilation system. Atop the ceramic base of ingarden sit three steel seed beds with small “chimneys” in the center of each bed. These chimneys act as vents on their surfaces, providing optimal air circulation to your greens. Each steel bed is also dotted with small holes to assure homogenous watering.
  • the wicking system. Each plate features a food-safe wick that dips into the water and siphons the perfect amount of hydration to your seeds to keep them happy and healthy. The wicks are crucial to watering the seed beds and help your baby plants grow!
  • wicking + ventilation = fast, safe, healthy growth! The air-flow through the vents in partnership with the wicking system expedites the evaporation rate. This accelerates the rate of transpiration pull, which helps the tiny plants do their jobs more efficiently.
  • the science. Extensive experimentation carried out by our team of scientists has revealed that this technology enables ingarden seed pads to thrive throughout the entirety of the growth cycle without pesticides or herbicides and without the concern of mold formation and bacterial growth that can stem from poor natural conditions or from use of soil. Nature does it best outdoors, we’re doing it best indoors!

LED grow light system

Microgreen seedlings require optimal lighting and ingarden’s LED light system delivers just that! How?

  • the LED system emits all light wavelengths which helps to boost the photosynthesis process and ensure the microgreens receive a perfectly balanced spectrum of light. This is what enables your greens to grow into tiny superfoods!
  • phytochemicals and phytonutrients are activated by our grow lights. Phytochemicals and phytonutrients are found in crunchy fresh microgreens and are important for protective and preventive healthcare. Unlike most health supplements and store-bought multivitamins, fresh greens contain these majorly beneficial health compounds.
  • the automated timer is set for optimal growth of 12 hours of daylight and darkness so that your greens enjoy a natural growth pattern.
  • energy efficiency is crucial for our world. ingarden’s optimized lighting modules achieve industry-leading energy efficiency scores.
light specifications full light spectrum

the range

the range of color options

ingarden & the environment

ingarden defines sustainable innovation.

You can now have crunchy fresh microgreens delivered to your door, meaning less plastic waste compared to most store-bought greens. eliminates plastic packaging by using recyclable packaging. We’re even going one step further – our aim is to be carbon neutral by 2022.

Learn more about our sustainability here.

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what's inside the box

inside the box



choose your ingarden

Grow 1000+ fresh microgreens weekly at home.
Our sleek, modern Swedish design featuring an autonomous watering system and automated daylight was thoughtfully crafted to be proudly displayed in your home.

choose your eco pack

Choose your eco pack of 7 eco-friendly ingarden pads. Try your favorite or customize a monthly eco pack plan and save 10%!
Enjoy full flexibility to change and update your eco pack plan whenever you want! Free shipping and easy cancellation at any time.

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why ingarden?

ingarden was created to provide a streamlined process for easy at-home microgreen growing. By consolidating the traditional purchasing process of buying microgreens in stores, we eliminate the middleman and provide you with full-transparency of the growing process. By purchasing directly from us, there are no retail margins, which means 1000+ fresh microgreens at a fraction of the cost of store-bought microgreens – all while maintaining the highest quality.

ingarden for a healthy lifestyle

here a few of our 5-star reviews



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The Reinemunds

“Where do I begin? ingarden has been so much fun for my family! The kids love seeing their microgreen seeds grow and we’ve allsee more




“I love how easy it is to grow fresh organic microgreens in my home year-round with ingarden, and how eco-friendly it issee more


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the impact of ingarden microgreens

backed by science

Dr. Liangli (Lucy) Yu

“Microgreens contain greater amounts of nutrients and health-promoting micronutrients than their mature counterparts.”
View scientific paper

Dr. Vito Paradiso

“Microgreens garner immense potential for improving the nutritional value of the human diet, considering their high content of healthy compounds.”
View scientific paper

Dr. Robert L. Buchanan

“Microgreens have gained increasing popularity as food ingredients in recent years because of their high nutritional value.”
View scientific paper

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