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feature automated daylight with dimmer and off-timer

Hold the timer button ( ) to reset the light cycle to begin at the current time: 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. The timer will automatically start again at the next switching cycle.

Press the dimmer button ( ) to turn on or dim the light.

Pour water evenly over the ingarden pads until the ceramic bowl is full and pads are soaked.

feature water bank
dishwasher safe components

The ceramic bowl, trays, wick holders, tray holders and wicks are dishwasher safe (max. 55 °C/131 °F temperature).

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why ingarden?

  • Handcrafted ceramic bowl and stainless steel structure – no plastic
  • No soil, no dirt – only water
  • Efficient power supply – LED grow light
  • Self-sustaining & guaranteed to sprout
  • Automated daylight with built-in off-timer and dimmer
  • Autonomous watering – microgreens receive the ideal amount of water
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