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7 ingarden pads

grow 2000+ fresh microgreens every month!

ingarden microgreen plans

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$13.50 incl. VAT


  • 2 radish,
    2 red cabbage,
    2 broccoli,
    1 mustard

    essentials eco pack


  • 2 kale,
    2 cress,
    2 arugula,
    1 alfalfa

    superfood eco pack


  • 7 broccoli

    broccoli eco pack


  • 7 alfalfa

    alfalfa eco pack


  • 7 cress

    cress eco pack


  • 7 arugula

    arugula eco pack



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  • full flexibility: change and update your eco pack anytime
  • 1st month $13.50 | thereafter $15 / month
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4.72 / 5 on 1000+ reviews

what's inside your box?

  • 1 eco pack incl. 7 ingarden pads

superfood eco pack
  • 2 cress ingarden pads
  • 2 kale ingarden pads
  • 2 arugula ingarden pads
  • 1 alfalfa ingarden pads

essentials eco pack
  • 2 radish ingarden pads
  • 2 red cabbage ingarden pads
  • 2 broccoli ingarden pads
  • 1 mustard ingarden pads

arugula eco pack
  • 7 arugula ingarden pads

alfalfa eco pack
  • 7 alfalfa ingarden pads

cress eco pack
  • 7 cress ingarden pads

radish eco pack
  • 7 radish ingarden pads


7 eco-friendly ingarden pads delivered to your door. Full flexibility to choose which plan suits you best: monthly plans or prepaid multi-month plans. Free shipping and easy cancellation at any time.

special features

  • ingarden fresh microgreens grow 4x faster than microgreens grown in soil
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable cardboard packaging
  • 90% sprout rate
  • Certified organic
  • No herbicides
  • No pesticides
  • Non-GMO seeds


We are committed to using recyclable and sustainable materials and use eco-friendly cardboard packaging for everything we ship. From outer packaging, to starter set box to the ingarden eco pack. It’s sustainable. Always.


Sustainability is the core focus of our business. ingarden grows over 2000+ fresh microgreens per month without any plastic packaging compared to conventional store-bought offerings. ingarden is made from ceramic and stainless steel, and uses eco-friendly cardboard packaging instead of plastic.


    superfood eco pack

    2 cress ingarden pads

    • Flavor: these lesser-known microgreens are sure to add a slightly-sweet and poignant punchline to any foods they are paired with. Known for their peppery taste, cress microgreens make a wonderful garnish for tart and tangy dishes like chilis, yogurts, and cheeses.
    • Nutrients: high in vitamins C, K, and A.

    2 kale ingarden pads

    • Flavor: sweet and mild, the kale microgreens are vitamin-packed yet subtle in recipes. Perfect for sandwiches and salads, kale is a textural and fitting addition to a multitude of dishes.
    • Nutrients: high in vitamin A, B6, C, and E

    2 arugula ingarden pads

    • Flavor: vivid green leaves encapsulate the earthy, crisp flavor of arugula microgreens. These microgreens are a beautiful compliment to both sweet and salty meals and pair well with a variety of foods ranging from tomatoes, to pears, to nuts and more.
    • Nutrients: high in calcium and vitamins A, B, C, and E.

    1 alfalfa ingarden pad

    • Flavor: rich in color yet mild in taste, alfalfa microgreens give that extra boost of nutrients to your smoothies and salads.
    • Nutrients: highest in Vitamin K and Vitamin C, as well as fiber and folate

    essentials eco pack

    2 radish ingarden pads

    • Flavor: defined by their spiciness and crunch, these ever so slightly pink and white microgreens are bound to make a statement in your savory dishes. Radish is also the fastest fresh microgreen to grow and can be harvested in about 6 days.
    • Nutrients: High in vitamin C and β-carotene

    2 red cabbage ingarden pads

    • Flavor: the deep purple sweetness accompanied by undertones of spice define our red cabbage microgreens. They are the perfect garnish and pop of color for dishes both savory and sweet.
    • Nutrients: these microgreens have up to 260x more β-carotene than mature red cabbage has. They also have 260x more vitamin E compared to regular red cabbage, and high amounts of vitamin C.

    2 broccoli ingarden pads

    • Flavor: featuring a slightly bitter bite, our broccoli microgreens pair well with savory dishes and even exotic fruit bowls. Let your creativity run wild with this versatile microgreen.
    • Nutrients: magnesium, manganese, copper, and zinc are found in large quantities in these microgreens.

    1 mustard ingarden pad

    • Flavor: zesty and strong, the mustard microgreens are a punchy addition to meat, fish, and rice dishes. While mild, these microgreens pack an astonishing amount of nutrients and flavors inside.
    • Nutrients: high in fiber and protein, as well as vitamins A, C, E, and K.

shipping & warranty

We offer free shipping to your doorstep with each eco pack. We are currently shipping to the United States.


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